On the Menu

Volunteer Baking
About the Menu
“As a former Cooking Teacher, I am very impressed by the excellent quality and the variety of the meals. They are prepared with love and it shows. Everyone here is gracious and kind.” - Esther, age 81.
  • All menus are calculated and approved by our registered dietitian
  • Only the first entree is used to calculate the Reduced Carbohydrate Menu
  • Complete nutritional analyses available on request
Basic Fresh Menu
Please note we cannot provide no salt, no sugar, or any other specialized diet. The Basic Fresh Menu offers:
  • A choice of entrees
  • Recipes modified to reduce fat
  • Nonfat milk in all recipes (including puddings)
  • Most gravies are very low in fat
  • Averaged over the month, no more than 30% of calories from fat (with the First Entree selected)
  • No tropical oils or lard used
  • Variety in fruits and vegetables
  • Freshly baked breads, rolls, muffins
  • One cup of 1% milk with each meal
  • At least 1/3 RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance for nutrients) daily
Fresh Reduced Carbohydrate Menu
The Fresh Reduced Carbohydrate Menu is calculated with the First Entree selected.
  • Our registered dietitian calculates which items must be substituted for Diet Menus
  • Calories range between 600 and 850 for complete Diet Menus (this includes dessert)
  • Carbohydrate exchanges range between 5 and 8 for complete Diet Menus (including dessert)
  • Diet gelatin is used for all molded salads in the Diet Menu
  • Desserts may be fresh fruits or canned fruits in juice, diet gelatin, puddings, custards, and occasionally sherbet or ice cream if they fit into the menu’s calorie and carbohydrate range
  • Both menus will not exceed 1.05 grams of sodium
Frozen Meals
Frozen Meals are available to home-bound people for days we do not deliver fresh meals.

Where the Food Prepared
Food is prepared at the Eugene Central Kitchen and shipped in bulk to all Café 60 Dining Rooms and all Meals on Wheels dispatch locations (including the Eugene location for FOOD for Lane County) in Lane County on refrigerated and heated trucks for packaging and serving in the local community. The facility is leased and equipped by LCOG and operated under contract by Bateman Community Living, a commercial food service company.