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Federal Poverty Index
The Federal Poverty index is an income level established by the federal government. Factors considered in setting the income level includes: family size, sex of the head of household, and number of children under 18 in the household.

Food Insecurity
Refers to the lack of access to enough food to fully meet basic needs at all times due to lack of financial resources.

Funding By Type
Title III
The OAA title providing grants for state and community services.

Title III-B
Supportive Services funded under the OAA. Services include transportation, outreach, homemaker, chore, telephone reassurance and legal aid.

Title III-C-1
Congregate Meals funded under the OAA.

Title III-C-2
Home-delivered meals funding under the OAA; also known as Meals on Wheels.

Title III-D
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention funding under the OAA. Programs are designed to manage chronic diseases and increase healthier lifestyles.

Title III-E
National Family Caregiver Services Program under the OAA. Program provides funds to services that included information to caregivers about available services, caregiver training, respite care and a limited amount of supplemental services.

Title VII-B

Elder abuse prevention under the OAA. State grants for "vulnerable elder rights protection" programs. This can be done through a variety of activities including providing public education and outreach.

Title XIX
The title providing for grants to states for medical assistance; also known as Medicaid.

Title XIX Meals
Home-delivered meals provided by nutrition service providers to eligible Medicaid and other entitlement program clients.

The part of the Social Security Act that authorized Medicare.

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