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Older Americans Act Funding
Older Americans Act funding is federal funding authorized by the Older Americans Act and approved by Congress which provides assistance with the development of new or improved programs benefiting older persons (age 60+), or in some cases, their caregivers. The allocations are provided though grants to each state for community planning and services.

The state’s long-term care ombudsman, or an individual designee appointed by the ombudsman to serve as a representative of the Ombudsman Program in order to investigate and resolve complaints on behalf of residents of licensed long-term care facilities.

Oregon Health Plan (OHP)
The Oregon Health Plan program provides community-based and nursing facility care for persons in Oregon who meet eligibility standard. In 2006, the financial resources requirement was $2,000 or less and a monthly income of less than $817 per individual, or $1,100 per couple. Seniors with Medicare benefits are not eligible for the OHP, unless they are receiving Medicaid services through Senior & Disabled Services.

Oregon Project Independence (OPI)
Oregon Project Independence is a program that provides limited in-home services to people age 60 and over needing help in order to remain in their own home. Some OPI services are also available to adults (over 18 years in age) with dementia. OPI is a program created and funded by the Oregon State Legislature. The goal of OPI is to promote quality of life and independence for persons by preventing inappropriate or premature institutionalization.