S&DS Area Plan and Supporting Documents

2017-2020 Area Plan

The 2017 – 2020 Area Plan details the plans for S&DS service delivery during this time period. The Area Plan was developed using information from the 2016 S&DS Community Needs Assessment conducted in late 2015 and early 2016. As the Area Agency on Aging in Lane County, S&DS develops a new Area Plan every four years to direct planning efforts for present and future aging and long-term services for older adults and adults with physical disabilities.

2019 Update to the 2017-2020 Area Plan
2018 Update to the 2017-2020 Area Plan
2017 – 2020 Area Plan Executive Summary
2017 – 2020 Area Plan

Previous Area Plans and Community Needs Assessment

To view demographic and population forecast data used in the development of the draft Area Plan, please visit this link: http://tableau.thempo.org/population/AreaPlan.htm

2016 S&DS Community Needs Assessment

Every four years, S&DS conducts a Community Needs Assessment to help pinpoint the service needs of older adults and adults with disabilities and also identify gaps in the current service delivery system. This is achieved through the use of consumer surveys, focus groups and research from a broad range of sources.

S&DS uses information found through the Needs Assessment as a first step to create a strategic multi-year ‘Area Plan’ on how to best target discretionary funding, resources and services within the community to meet those needs and further the S&DS mission.

This most recent Needs Assessment was completed in winter of 2019 and spring of 2020. It will be used to inform and guide the S&DS 2021 – 2024 Area Plan development.

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2020 S&DS Community Needs Assessment